Philip Schmiedhofer

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Philip Schmiedhofer, MSc

Despite my training as an aeronautical engineer, I have always been fascinated by biology and medicine. After doing my civilian service in a drug counselling centre, I studied medical engineering, specialising in cell and tissue engineering. It was there that I gained my first experience of tissue engineering, working on the development of bioreactors to grow cartilage tissue. When I had to learn about the relevance of this field to my own body due to a meniscus injury, I delved into the physiological processes and came across the endocannabinoid system. Out of curiosity I tried to treat my injuries with hemp extracts and was fascinated by the physiological relevance of the characteristic ingredients – the cannabinoids. After completing several internships at IMP Vienna and shifting my focus to brain research, I really became aware of the role of the endocannabinoid system.

I founded a start-up company with my friends and long-time business partners to produce and market hemp extracts throughout Europe. At the same time, I completed a Master’s degree in neuroscience, specialising in cannabinoids. At the Centre for Brain Research, I studied the effects of phytocannabinoids on GABAA receptors in the laboratory, while on the business side I was involved in the production of hemp extracts.

As a pioneer in Austria, our company cannhelp was the first to successfully produce CO2 extracts and established itself as one of the pioneers in the industry. To date, I have co-developed more than 50 products in the areas of dietary supplements, aroma products, medical products and cosmetics, and I am active in our group of companies as a managing director and medical products consultant.

As a consultant, I have also gained experience in regulatory affairs and have contributed to the approval of medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Internationally, I have been involved in the planning of a medical cannabis research facility in Thailand. I am a quality representative for ISO 9001 and have a qualification as a business manager for the development and marketing of medical devices.

I have a good network in the hemp industry, both medical and recreational, and I am actively involved in the development of innovative applications of cannabinioids, scientific work and the destigmatisation of hemp in society. I am also happy to support like-minded projects, as my experience as an entrepreneur has led me to believe in synergistic approaches.

Philip Schmiedhofer

Work experience

Trigal Pharma

2023/01 - now
Business Development & Marketing - Trigal Pharma
Marketing and business development management role. Conception of marketing activities and web development
Market research of cannabinoid API
Lead Generation
Supplier search and negotiations
Customer acquisition
Preparation of scientific marketing documentation

cannmedic GmbH

2021/09 - now
Chief Executive Officer - cannmedic GmbH
Management and business executive role. Medical Device Consultant. Product manager and sales representative for the distribution of new cannabinoid based medical devices (Suppositories) especially in the gynecology and urology sector.

cannhelp GmbH

2021/01 - now
Chief Executive Officer - cannhelp GmbH
Management and business executive role in an Austrian CBD and hemp pioneer with focus on product development, quality management and business development. Directed full development lifecycle, including formulation, design and production support of CANNEXOL®, a cannabis based product line. Oversaw the preparation of marketing copy, images, videos, emails and other collateral and designed graphics for websites, logos and promotions for marketing purposes. Managed production levels, identified material shortages and monitored inventory levels to meet order delivery requirements. Followed and updated quality control standards, methods and procedures to meet compliance requirements and communicated with suppliers on raw material specifications and loan production. Attended bridal industry events to promote services and build relationships with prospective vendors.

CC Insights & Network GmbH

2019/07 - 2020/03
Consultant - CC Insights & Network GmbH
Advised on design and planning of a research and cultivation facility for medical cannabis in Thailand. Evaluated analytical instruments, extraction and processing equipment and projected expenditures for possible project stages. Researched latest market trends to provide insights in product development and formulation within the cannabis space. Investigated and addressed business development challenges to gain business relations.

Michor Consulting

2019/02 - 2019/05
Consultant - Michor Consulting
Consulted international customers on regulatory applications of medical devices and pharmaceutical products. Worked with internal team members to accomplish regulatory goals for clients in the pharmaceutical industry (eCTD of biosimilars module 3) and medical devices (MDR technical files). Implemented marketing strategies, providing solutions to meet the demands of the industry. Reached out to potential customers via telephone, email and in-person inquiries.

CBR Vienna

2015/08 - 2017/02
Diploma Student - Center for Brain Research Vienna
Two Electrode Voltage clamp and patch clamp technique in Xenopus laevis oocytes, HEK cells and mouse brain slices. Evaluated the effects of cannabinoids on GABAA receptor subtypes. Recorded, reported and posted electrophysiological test results using pCLAMP and GraphPadPrism. - Ass. Prof. Priv.-Doz. Dr. Margot Ernst, PhD, -Univ. Prof. Dr. Tibor Harkany, FSB Department of Molecular Neurosciences - CBR Vienna, -Priv.-Doz. Mag. Dr. Lukas Weigel, -Univ. Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Kress
Clinical Department for Special Anesthesia and Pain Therapy - AKH Vienna

IMP Vienna

2013/04 - 2013/05

Graduate Student Intern - IMP Vienna
Calcium imaging experiments on oxygen sensitive neurons in C. elegans worms. - Ass. Prof. Alipasha Vaziri, PhD, Dynamics of coupled biological systems - IMP Vienna - Univ. Prof. Manuel Zimmer, PhD, Neural Network Dynamics and Behavior - IMP Vienna


2012/02 - 2012/06
Bachelor Student - IMP Vienna
Developed a motion tracked video control for optogenetic laser stimulation. Performed stereotactic surgerys in mice brains. Conducted optogenetic controlled behavioral experiments in mice. Performed histopathological methods in mice. - Univ. Prof. Wulf Haubensak, PhD, Circuit mechanics of emotional behavior - IMP Vienna

UAS Technikum Vienna

2010/09 - 2012/01
Laboratory Associate - UAS Technikum Vienna
Development of bioreactors for cartilage tissue culture. - FH-Prof. Mag. Dr. Dominik Rünzler, Dep. of Cell and Tissue Engineering - UAS Technikum Vienna


University of Vienna

2012/10 - 2017/03

MSc in Molecular Biology - Neuroscience
University of Vienna

UAS Technikum Vienna

2009/09 - 2012/06

BSc in Biomedical Engineering - Cell and Tissue Engineering
University of Applied Sciences Technikum Vienna

HTBLA Eisenstadt

2003/09 - 2008/06

High School Diploma
Polytechnic School for Aeronautics - HTBLA Eisenstadt



Trainer examination § 29g Vocational Training Act, iL Institut für Aus- und Weiterbildung



Production and trade of medical devices Wirtschaftskammer Wien ID: B-1387-03976/2021



Quality representative for ISO9001:2015

ID: QB20W0156
valid until: 12/2023